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Today, was absolutely one of the wildest days of the trip. We left the Vieques  around 7 AM and got out into seas about 5-7 feet with wind that was behind us and Howling. Immediately we broke the shackle between the vang and the boom and it popped.  We tied off the boom with some ropes to get us back into whatever was the next port. Then, we stay close to the land all the way across to San Juan until we got into this island chain that was puzzling .  The wind picked up again and we were howling around 35 miles of wind.  At times we were moving over 13.3 kn in speed and just loved it so much that we had to ride it out until we needed to find the channel.  But most of the time there were islands in our way before we could cut back into the mainland.  We got there in plenty of time and checked into Ponce yacht and fishing club and Docked in a serious breeze of 30 mph.  (Thanks to Neil) We had our challenges with the local customs officers who wanted us to check in an island back so I'm still dealing with that  issue but I think it should work out. The crew is phenomenal today and so I took them out to dinner and we had a very good night. We are not only in port but docked tonight and 8 hours sleep is ahead of us..  A challenging day tomorrow, in that, we have to get the yacht fixed and clear customs before heading off to the very tip of San Juan Island.  This could work and I'll update more tomorrow. Sail On!   


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