Our Team

The Staff of Shangri-La World Travel
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Princess LeiaOfficial Greeter

Leia became our company's mascot and official greeter in 2012 when we adopted her from our client whose Golden Retriever was having puppies.

Mike CurrieTravel Specialist in the both the Leisure and Corporate Travel

Mike Currie is a seasoned Travel Specialist in the both the Leisure and Corporate Travel fields.

Tony ReyesCaribbean Land & Sea Specialist

Tony has been traveling for most of his life so a career in the travel industry was a natural fit.

Taryn StevensonTravel Concierge

She is applying her organizational skills and creativity to help others plan exciting, fun-filled vacations.

Mechelle HudsonTravel Concierge & Media Specialist

She loves to travel the world and experience different cultures. 

Gloria CurrieCo-owner of Shangri-La World Travel

Gloria specializes in international travel and resorts; creating dreams through travel is her goal for every client.