Please Share you own experiences:

Hi Gloria,

We had a wonderful time thanks to you.  We got home and I had one day before getting back on a plane to Florida for work.  Here are some random thoughts for you:

  • The storms in the Mediterranean had has hopping all over the place and thus we missed two of the ports we thought we were  going to see.  This made us wonder the whole time where we were actually going to end up and on what days.  Turns out the cruise line did a great job of taking care of issues and taking us to other ports that were just as good or maybe even better.  You were great helping us with the changes.
  • Only place we were disappointed in was Santorini.  IT was so crowded you could barely walk down the narrow streets.  It took over 2-1/2 hours in line for the tram coming back  (we took a boat over to Oia, but you had to come back by bus to the tram.  It was so beautiful, but I don’t think I would ever go back.  I asked one of the local merchants about the crowds and he said, “this is slow – you should be here in July.”  The one thing Janna can’t do is stand in lines as it is really hard on her knees so that was not fun for her. She hated that entire experience.  It was also really hot.
  • We loved the boat ride we took in Mykonos.  Janna swam in the ocean – 63 degrees.  She jumped off the boat with about 12 other people.  Crazy.
  • The Golf cart tour in Rome was one of our favorite things.  It was such a great way to get around the city and the guide was so knowledgeable – we really learned a lot. I tried to hire him for the rest of the day  but he had another tour to do.  I could have spent the whole day with him.
  • The food tour in Rome was very interesting but tons of walking.  That was hard for Janna.
  • The catacombs were great – really had an awesome tour guide/driver there as well. We told him we wanted to see the Rome that tourists don’t see and he was so good and made it so interesting.  Well worth the money.
  • The coliseum tour was so good – but the ruins tour part after was not for anyone that had any issues with stairs or walking.  Janna had to give up after the coliseum and take a cab back to the hotel while I finished the rest of the tour.  It almost killed me and it takes a lot to do that.
  • Our trip to the Mormon Temple was a real highlight.  It was so beautiful. 
  • We didn’t have a tour in Naples and were going to go to Capri as you suggested, but it was raining and so that didn’t seem so appealing getting there.  We hired a tour guide to take us to Amalfi.  It was a nice drive, but he spoke poor English and the traffic made getting there real slow.  That was probably the worst tour.  We should have had you arrange something better.
  • The Edge was great.  I think a cruise line at the quality of Celebrity should not charge for wifi connection!
  • We didn’t take enough Euros with us.  Luckily the ship allowed us to get cash off our credit card.  We didn’t think about all the taxies and tips we would be doing that we needed cash for. 
  • Overall it was a memorable trip, and as usual your efforts in planning it made such a difference.  Getting off the ship and having someone sanding there with your name and private car thus skipping all the lines and being on buses with 100 other people made such a difference.  The transfers worked like clockwork as well.
  • We liked the first hotel. The second one was OK, but not as nice as the first one.

Thanks for helping us have such a great time.  It is something we will always remember.


Mike & Mechelle,

Just wanted to say a special “Thank You” for the amazing trip you helped us plan.  The information provided was accurate and easy to understand.  The car service was professional and did a great job.  Just as a note – our flight was about 15 minutes late landing in Paris and when we came out of Customs and Immigration the driver was not there.  I did call the number on our itinerary   and within 15 minutes the driver got there to pick us up.  The ride back to the airport was prompt and no issues there.  The hotel was AMAZING!!  We had a great view of the Eiffel Tower from our 8th floor terrace.  The room was spacious and more than I ever expected.  The hotel location was great and easy access to Metro, shopping and dining.  The included breakfast was great too.  Hotel staff super friendly and helpful.  We never would have booked this hotel without your assistance.

We recommend you to everyone we know planning trips or cruises.  Thanks for your help and we look forward to our next trip.


Dear Gloria,

Again, AMA Waterways excelled at their service and experience.  Anne, who has not not but one other "tour" in her extensive traveling life, loved the ship and the cruise.  We walked over 60 miles on cobblestones during the whole trip.  Tour guides were excellent.  Food superb.  Great guests on board. They had to adjust our schedule because the water was too high on the last bridge, but they took care of all the extra busing, etc.  I will say that Frederico, the Cruise Director, did a fine job, but he wasn't as personable as Betty was last year.  I highly recommend AMA.  

Thank you for all of your work Gloria!  Ellen was talking abut a possible Italy tour next year??????  Let's see if we can get them to go.


Good morning Gloria,

Thank you for planning a fantastic NYC trip for us! It was so wonderful - first class accommodations at the London, perfect location, walks in Central Park, a morning at the Met and shopping along Madison Ave and of course all your helpful tips and recommendations. 

Hamilton was excellent, a highlight of the trip. Thank you for being persistent and getting the tickets! 

We also loved our experience at Tavern on the Green. We enjoyed a lovely lunch on the patio after a nice stroll across Central Park from the Met. Our meal was very good. The concierge was friendly and helpful. He gave us good info to take the subway to 9-11 Memorial - it was smooth and easy. We didn't make it to the Loopy Doopy because we went to the memorial first thing in the morning and it was the coolest day - maybe next time! We found many great restaurants - delicious meals.

We also walked to Rockefeller Plaza in the daytime and evening. Enjoyed a light lunch at Morrell Wine Bar there. Side story, the young waitress asked, "Where is your accent from?" When we said, "Texas", she smiled and said she was from Oklahoma and it made her feel good talking to us:)

Although the trees weren't in full color change, the temperature and weather was ideal. Many places, including Rockefeller Plaza, were decorated with mums, gourds and pumpkins. 

Again, thank you for putting this together for me. You made it easy for me to surprise Michael with this awesome birthday trip!

We'll certainly be in touch for our next (international) adventure!



Thank you Gloria!

The wedding was unbelievable experience and they honeymoon was able to match it. 

We absolutely loved all the hotels we stayed at. Hotel Corallo in Sorrento was the best just because it had a gorgeous view and the honeymoon suite could not have been better. We absolutely loved Sorrento. It was perfect because it wasn't as touristy as Positano but it felt kind of like the center of Almalfi. It was easy to get to Naples, it was easy to get to Capri. We really enjoyed Sorrento and we will definitely be back there. 

The wine tour in Avellino was a great way to start off the trip. Both wineries are actually pretty famous (bought an Italian wine book as soon as I got home). So it was great to go out to these wineries and actually start learning. We drank a bottle a wine at every single meal, if not more. So it was super beneficial for us to go there early because to be honest we liked wine before but we were pretty ignorant on the subject. We would just get an American Cab or Merlot before and deal with headaches the next morning. Not in Italy. Like I said we drank multiple bottles of great wine and never woke up with a headache. So it was super beneficial to go to the wineries early to learn what we were drinking. 

The cooking class was absolutely fire. We loved that family and the villa they lived in. It was better than I imagined (some pics attached). They actually do business in Pittsburgh with a local Italian grocer. So we will be making their food again. The family was great, we loved that it was small class. Melissa loves to cook so it was one of her favorite experiences. 

Pompeii was very cool. It was actually raining in Sorrento while we are in Pompeii so we didn't miss out on anything. The tour guide was good. Great dresser.  

We went out to Capri for a day and kind of planned our own trip. We loved Capri and it was kind of cool that we just kind of winged it. We got a private boat ride of the island, and took some beautiful pics. That Sunday after Capri we met up with our friends that were on there honeymoon in Positano. It was great. We got way to drunk and paid way to much for a cab but whatever its our honeymoon. That made us appreciate all the drivers that you set up for us. Like I said before I like Positano but I feel Sorrento was way better for our honeymoon. We were relaxed the whole time. In Positano it was to crowded and to many tourist. 

The trains were kind of the only bad experiences we had. Our seats were great (I've done second class on Italian train in college and won't do that again). But we just got unlucky with some classless Americans who were complaining about the food and the wine and who wanted to go to Hard Rock cafe (couldn't believe my ears). They also wouldn't stop talking the entire trip. 

We loved our hotel in Florence. Once again great location. The winery we went to in Tuscany was a Castle, so who wouldn't love that. We are obsessed now with Chianti Classic Riserva. Order 12 bottles that we have been drinking this week. Our driver that day was the absolute best driver we had. He was so polite and so knowledgeable. He gave us great recommendations in Florence for restaurants. 

The Cinque Terra day was cool. Great driver. Beautiful place. I think if we could do it all over again we might have saved it for another trip and gone out to more wineries in Tuscany. Cinque Terra is beautiful but coming from Almafi coast where the cliffs are even bigger and the towns look similar to Cinque Terra, it just didn't have the same affect that I think it would if we just had gone to Florence and did a day trip out there. 

The last day in Florence was special. I am not sure where you find these tour guides but our tour guide in Florence was incredible. She was our age and a true Florentine (name was Agnesse). It was so much fun to walk to city with her. Her English was fantastic and she has never been to America. It felt like we were hanging out with her more than a tour. She showed us some cool stuff and we took great pictures. But our conversations with her were some of our favorite memories. She kind of really explained what it was like to be a millennial Italian. She also introduced us to these sculptors that were working for the church. It was amazing. 

Finally, we loved Venice. I am not sure my mom would like it but we absolutely loved it. Once again our taxi driver was amazing. Gave us great recommendations for food. I honestly think Venice was my favorite place to eat. We also loved staying the night there. The hotel and the suite we stayed in was fantastic. Could not have been better. We were basically all alone at night in Venice because everyone just makes a day trip out of it. It was so fun. We took so many glamour shots at night in the streets and on the bridges. It is just a unique city that you can't find anywhere else in the world. 

So overall great great experience. We loved it. And we would recommend Italy to any of our friends for their honeymoon. And of course we would recommend you. You do a great job on everything. From the hotel to the drivers to the tours, everything is first class. We really appreciate you planning this trip for us. And we have already recommended Melissa parents reach out to you for their Italy trip they are planning.

Let us know if you need anything else from us. Do you plan Vegas trips by any chance? Melissa is turning 30 in January and I was thinking of taking her to Vegas. No worries if you don't. We will reach out to you next time we do another trip, which will be Ireland or Spain.  

shangri la testimonial 4


Hey there Gloria!

Thank you so much for checking back in with us. We had such an amazing time on the cruise in Alaska. All of the documents you had prepared for us were incredibly helpful and we had everything we needed. The only odd thing was that on our shuttle from the port back to Seattle airport, they never asked for our transfer tickets. That may seem small, but I at least wanted to let you know. Besides that, the two tours we had (Ketchikan and Victoria) were so wonderful and we enjoyed both of them so much. Thank you for all of your hard work on the front end to help us feel prepared as we went on this trip together!


-Nick Rhodes


Thanks so much for providing transportation to and from the airport for our upcoming travel.  That was very thoughtful of you.

We have enjoyed travelling the world with your guidance.  We appreciate your attention to detail and considerable industry experience.

Thanks to your team as well,

-Bill and Terri Brown

I wanted to give you some feedback on our recent trip to South America.

There are three very positive things that I would ask you to pass along to the company you placed us with for the Peru portion of our trip.  These in order of their importance are as follows:

  1. Our tour guide for Machu Picchu was an individual named Richard. He struck all three of us as an extremely excellent guide. He related to all three of us that range in age from 22 to 65. It was quite evident that he has studied his craft well. I remember him saying that he has been a tour guide for 12 years. During the course of the general Machu Picchu tour he answered our questions, showed some personality and shared some info about his wife and kids. He indicated that he was to be our tour guide for the Wayna Picchu climb. Since we had so many what I would refer to as negative surprises we did not say anything concerning his being our guide for the climb. Waiting for the 7 am bus to the Machu Picchu entrance for the Wayna Picchu climb we continued learning more about Richard and the family tree project that he had participated in. Additionally his insight and encouragement during the climb made for an unbelievable activity. I consider Richard to be an elite tour guide that I will always remember.
  1. While we were in Cusco we had 1 driver for all the activities and his name was Raphael. He is a young man that always had a smile on his face and a happy manner about him. With him behind the wheel I never felt unsafe on the streets of Cusco and the Scared Valley. I found the streets to be very narrow and that stop signs and stop lights were merely suggestions for many drivers. Our return train from Machu Picchu arrived at the Poroy station at about 8:30 pm after a long day and to see Raphael behind the wheel took all the stress way. We had an early pick up at the hotel the following day at 5 am according to a message left for us at the front desk. When traveling I always have this doubt in the back of my mind that something will go wrong but when I was standing in the hotel lobby and the bright eager face of Raphael walks in the door, I knew everything would be alright. Beyond having someone like Raphael as an asset, I must also complete the person that scheduled him to us for all the driving activities that we had. This assignment decision allowed us to feel like we were in good hands and would not suffer any adverse time delays.
  1. The guide for the Cusco City and the Scared Valley tours was Jose. He was an excellent guide. Getting some personality out of the guide makes for a more enjoyable time and learning experience. Jose wanted us to call him day or night if we ran into issues and gave Elaine his personal cell number. I am reasonably sure that this is not a standard offer that he makes but it allowed us to feel better about our upcoming Peru activities. Jose has a great manner about him. He also shared with us what it is to be a Peru football fan with the ups and the heartaches.

The Celebrity Cruise portion of our trip was beyond excellent.  The ship is quite special and is only exceeded in our minds by the staff that call it home.  All the staff from the naturalists to the dining and bar staff to the cabin attendants were truly first class and quite knowledgeable.  The Galapagos trip is a trip we will remember for the rest of our lives.

Thank you and Mike for your help in our trip.


-Don Crowley

Dear Mike,

Bobby and I could not be more pleased with the "Vacation of a Lifetime" you planned out for us. From every driver who picked us up to the fabulous Hotels, to the trains, planes and automobiles, and to finish with the Sea Dream 2 Yachting experience. 100% top notch world class vacation. We have booked a second trip on the Sea Dream 2 at which you should get credit for. What a great experience.

When it's time to book our next adventure, we are definitely calling You!!!

Thanks so much for being a part of some Great Memories!

-Missy and Bobby Davis


I think Robert has or will be calling you but I wanted to let you know we had a wonderful time on our AMA cruise. I loved the itinerary and the company and their quality service/experience. They really did things first class and top notch! Thanks for all your work setting up such a great trip!

-Pam Alonzo


Good morning Gloria!!!

We have talked a lot about comparing the two lines.  Viking was a great family vacation especially during the Christmas Markets time. The Ama cruise was very romantic and the itinerary was very good also.  The bottom line for us was the Ama boat, even though older,  was more luxurious  This boat is going to be taken out of service in 2020. The food was a bit better on Ama and the suite was a bit more livable.  The service was comparable but.....we established a personal relationship with the Cruise Director and in Barcelona, he took us to his favorite neighborhood restaurant near his home, then we walked through his neighborhood then went to his fav tavern for drinks after dinner.  This local experience was the highlight of our trip.  We were the only tourists in the entire area!!! 

Bottom line....Ama!!

-Robert Alonzo 


GLORIA, that was the best ever!! The HOTELS WERE SOO FANTASTIC!! The accommodations in Amsterdam were out of this world.. fun but not too modern.. THEIR STAFF WAS OVER THE TOP.... I LOVED THE PEOPLE OF AMSTERDAM.. soo nice( duh!!) BETWEEN THE VENDING MACHINE GIRLS IN THE RED LIGHT DISTRICT TO THE MAD HATTERS ON Bicycles and scooters, it was a delightful time!!

As far as the river cruise goes...I WILL WANT TO REQUEST TO GO ON THIS CRUISE LINE AGAIN!! IM HOPING THE DANUBE NEXT!! The crew was outstanding and would  go above and beyond to tickle r fancy!! THERE WAS PLENTY TIME ON THE BOAT AND MOST OF THE TOURS STARTED LATE MORNING OR EARLY AFTERNOON!! In stead of the same FOOD SCHEDULE... they would change it up.. ONE DAY WE HAD BRUNCH..and another day they served  ice cream sundaes on the top deck floating down the river!! EVEN THEIR ENTERTAINMENT WAS soo FUN!!

Thank u for recommending this LINE!!




Deb and I had a wonderful time in Costa Rica!!! It was a fantastic vacation. Everything went off without a hitch and we even had privileges at the Riu Guanacaste next door. Thanks for putting it all together and we'll definitely be using your services again.

—Dave & Debbie


We had a wonderful time on the Amaserena! Yes we have put a small deposit down for our next AMA Waterway cruise. The crew on Amaserena was very attentive and the excursions were fun and guides full of knowledge on the history and people of the places we visited. My ancestors on my Mothers side came from the Alsace Loraine area Her maiden name is Elsasser.

We were in awe of the cathedrals in Cologne & Strasbourg. Loved all the Christmas markets and took home a lot of Christmas ornaments for family Christmas gifts. I think you heard that Chucks' coworkers were in the room next to us. Well...come to find out Mike & Kerrie have been on many AMA cruises so much that they knew several of the crew members & our table stewart by name! We got along well, they showed us the ropes of river cruising. We did a lot of excursions together and talked about going on our next AMA cruise together!

We are considering either Provence & Spain or Port Wine & Flamenco in mid 2017 when weather is nice & warm but not to hot.

Thank you for your persistence keeping in touch sorry it took us this long to respond.

Looking forward to working with you on our next river adventure,

Kathy & Chuck



We have only RAVE REVIEWS for all the arrangements, hotels, guides, etc. everything was planned perfectly.

Machu Picchu was absolutely incredible! Enjoyed the tour and the boutique hotels. We also loved Cusco and its people.

Found a restaurant called Fallen Angel that was wonderful and recommended it to cruise friends who were doing Cusco after cruise.

Enjoyed Celebrity -- food was TOO good as well as the staff. Our motto every day was "Long walk...or short walk"--how fun to work so hard that we lost weight on a cruise! Sounds impossible!

We so appreciate you and your staff because all we need do is enjoy ourselves-- all details and plans are done. Super way to travel--we're spoiled and love it!

Thanks again to all.

— Carol


LOVED IT! Uni-World was great. Their guides were first class and the tours excellent. Food was very good and the room very nice and comfortable. The Normandy trip was outstanding. Our guide and driver were very informed and did anything we asked to make our trip enjoyable. I highly recommend them. Thanks for setting everything up.

We are thinking about Northern Italy in 2017.

Danny Arnold


We had a great time, it stinks to be back home. Norwegian was so great, we may never cruise anything else again. The freedom dining was so perfect for us.

Our balcony stateroom was exactly what we needed, just the right size and the perfect location!

The shore excursion was great, we loved the private tour and getting to see the entire island, it for sure was our favorite stop. We did the Atlantis full tour / water park and that was a bit of a mistake but you live and learn. We need to make a trip there on its own without trying to fit everything in a short window. Nothing is short with a three year old!

We have been talking with some of our friends and do want to eventually go back with a larger group of people.

Thanks again for your recommendations and opinions, they really helped make our trip even better.

Have a great week,

— Sunny


Hello. I have been meaning to get by and say hello and let you know that the trip you planned for my family and I was fabulous! Everything was perfect.

The excursions you booked and recommended were great, especially the catamaran trip was outstanding! The restaurants that you pay a little more for were outstanding and we seem to spend more time eating there because of the food being so good. I will be writing you a letter of high recommendation for your company. Also, thank you for the bottle of wine on our arrival. First class!

Thank you again for everything. Cant wait to book my next vacation with you.


Troy George


Sorry I haven't replied until now...it's been a crazy week back!

We had a wonderful time! Everyone with the Celebrity staff (land and sea) was great and so knowledgeable. We really enjoyed the Wilderness Express train ride (I wish we could have traveled on it for the duration of the land tour, lol)...and Ryann had a blast panning for gold. While in the Fairbanks and Denali areas, the weather was quite warm (80-85 degrees during the day) and there were wildfires causing it to be pretty smokey...so we weren't actually able to see Mt. McKinley, but we did see a lot of wildlife.

The weather could not have been more perfect during the cruise (light jacket at most except near the Hubbard glacier)...we only had rain for a portion of 1 day in Skagway. The excursions we booked through you were excellent. On the whale watching trip in Juneau, we saw so many whales even the guides were excited and didn't want to head back in...we saw a pod of Orcas, as well as several humpbacks (3 came to the very front of the boat before diving, and actually sprayed Ryann and the others...it was so exciting!...and a younger one was playing on its back and flapping its fins in the water). The White Pass Train trip was beautiful and the perfect length of time for us in Skagway...we were able to have a late lunch and shop before enjoying the walk back to the ship.

The ship was wonderful and we really enjoyed having the Royal suite and connecting room...it was the perfect set up! The butler was so nice and included Trent and I in everything even though we weren't "officially" in the suite. Our favorite dining place was Qsine...we had so much fun with all of the choices! While there weren't a lot of children on the trip, the kid's program was great...Ryann made several friends and really liked going there.

And, while this may not be the case for others when they go...on our last day of cruising, the entire pool and deck area was full because the weather was so perfect!

Thank you for helping and advising us in the planning! We definitely made lots of memories as a family!

— Kimberly

Thank you so much! This trip was everything that we hoped it would be. The transfers in Barcelona and Greece took so much of the usual stress of getting in and out of the country - we loved it.

Very professional, polite and friendly.

The hotel in Barcelona was ideally located and had all the amenities we could ask for ... even converters for the power outlets. We enjoyed all the cafes and pastry shops and we walked for miles.

Our walking tour in Barcelona was amazing. Our guide was very friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. He was a history buff - I believe he wrote a book about Catalonia ... and he walked through some remarkable sites ... and we ended at La Sagrada Familia...pretty spectacular.

The Flamenco Dance was very entertaining. The dinner was not huge deal or elaborate dish, but the show more than made up for it.

The Celebrity Equinox was definitely a treat. I feel like they celebrated our anniversary several times. We received a bottle of wine from the Hotel Director and we were invited to have dinner at the Captain's table. From there, we were invited to the ship's bridge on the following day. This was an added treat.

Cannes/St Paul de Vence - we shared this tour with 2 other couples...We took pictures at Cannes and we had an enjoyable time at St Paul de Vence. It felt great not following a mob in tour buses. The driver was very accommodating and personable.

Pisa/Florence - great excursion... we had fun at Pisa and Florence was a treat. We shared this trip with one other couple. It turned out to be very enjoyable. The Academia was amazing. The guide was phenomenal.

Rome - Hands-down the best time of the whole trip. The guide and driver were amazing ... it was a little hotter than I expected. I kinda dehydrated at the end of the day, but I survived. The one on one time with the driver gave us opportunities to do so much. Loved it.

Naples - we rested and enjoyed the boat. We went out in town and walked.

Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes and Ephesus were amazing. On one of the stops where we did not have an excursion, but we bought one with Celebrity and we noticed the difference... We were rushed the whole time and it was crowded the whole time. It felt as though we were on the road all the time.

Emre was our champion guide--he totally was a 'Rock Star' in our books. He is very personable. He made us feel very special. He took us to a restaurant, shops, and tour and bought a bottle of wine for us at a restaurant. We enjoyed his company, his humor and his attentiveness.

The Athens Gate hotel was great. It had spectacular views, and we had the most unforgettable breakfast. Cool view of Acropolis.

Our transfer to the airport in Greece was very smooth.

We took a ton of pictures and we will have fond memories for years to come.

Thank you so much for making our 20th Anniversary so special.

We'll have to start planning our next adventure.

Best Regards,

— Armando and Catalina


Just a line or two to say "thanks" for planning an awesome vacation for me and Myrna. We have meant to call you for some time, but you know how that goes. The truth is that you really hit the nail on the head for us. The vacation you planned for us was EVERYTHING we asked and was looking for. Costa Rica was an awesome choice and we would have never considered it without you. There is no doubt that we will be back at some point to plan our next vacation with you.

Thanks again, very much,


Thanks for your communication welcoming us back from our Viking excursion.

We had a wonderful time and were richly blessed throughout the trip, meeting many wonderful people. Thank you for a job well done in making all of our arrangements. Everything went very smoothly and without a hitch. The transfers were very helpful and made our connections trouble free.

One suggestion: You cannot emphasize too much the need to be careful when traveling into the foreign countries. Upon our arrival in Prague, we had an early afternoon brief city tour. Before going on the tour, I read from the Hilton Hotel handbook to be alert to false policemen who may show false ID's and stop pedestrians on the street. Well, that happened on our first time out of the hotel. Being alert to the situation, I simply took Nancy by the arm and went around the individual and further ignored him. Had we stopped when he identified himself as a policeman, I am sure that he would have asked for my ID. Then, he could have snatched my wallet from my hand and run off into the crowded street. The Lord protected us throughout the trip, for which we are grateful. You did a nice job in alerting us to these types of situations. Keep up the good work.

Once again, thanks for such a nice job in planning our trip. You are a true professional!

— Jimmy and Nancy Jackson

Good Morning Gloria,

We are back from our Danube River cruise. It was wonderful. We had such a great time. Thank you for encouraging us to add on the 3-days in Prague. Definitely a highlight of the trip. Our tours, the food, the staff, everything was great.

Thanks again,

— Tammy Skrehart