Thursday, 13 October 2016 02:00

Colorado Dreaming

Written by Captain Mike

img_7785There are high expectations when invited to a friend’s home in Eagle – Vail, Colorado during the Summer months. Among the options may be wading into a babbling stream to stalk down a brown trout with fly fishing tackle, teeing it up at world-class golf courses that look more like a ski-run than a fairway or even just managing a nap on the 2nd story patio in 75-degree weather with the flow of water below and a visiting hummingbird above. Well, all that and some more happened for me in just 4 days!

Yes, I love it when travel expectations are not only met, but really exceeding expectations as opportunities arise… unforeseen. My host and I arranged for a fly fishing guide and a float boat on the Northern Colorado River. All I expected was to see if my fly fishing skills (casting and landing) would come back after 6 years away from the sport. It took about an hour into to the float, with some lost fish along the way that our chatty guide, Kurt, changed my tackle from a large fly to two very small ones.

OK … that worked. Soon, Larry and I were hooking and occasionally landing feisty brown trout. Yes, the photos began!

While the fishing was grand, the fast rapids of the Upper Colorado and the beauty of the high gorge with accompanying wild life made the morning special. I would go back just to float with friends.

While putting up the float boat and our fishing tackle, Kurt, asked if we had checked out one of Colorado’s many cannabis dispensaries. We had not, and may have talked around it, but did not have plans for a visit. On the drive back, Kurt, pointed out two that were on our way back to town.

After lunch, with the ladies and sharing our fishing tales, we pulled into check out Rocky Road Remedies. This was not a purchasing opportunity, but rather to see for ourselves how two states (Colorado and Washington) were managing this block buster new business.

First impression … the head shop was within an unspectacular strip plaza. However, as you walk thru the doorway, we were presented with a fairly upscale clothing, art, and tobacco appliances studio. It was tastefully decorated and there was a long counter with a couple of employees stationed to answer questions. In addition, they were there to ask qualifying questions while seeing your identification and birth information. Absolutely no self-medicating products are in the part of the secured facility at all.

After understanding our mostly inquisitive, first-timer, and non-fishy purposes for the visit, we were allowed to the second half of the facility. Once inside, we greeted by another long counter and another employee behind it. Once again, he requested our driver’s license and registered our names (for the visit). Perhaps a bit much, in that, we only walked through an inside doorway. He made a full explanation of products from the smoking to edible to powder for adding to beverages. This industry has absolutely outgrown the 70’s.

Ultimately, we had fun fodder for great conversation with even greater friends in downtown Vail. And yes, only the elevation was high that afternoon in sunny Colorado.