Tuesday, 05 July 2016 02:00

Copenhagen, Denmark

Written by Captain Mike

Little MermaidCopenhagen, Denmark is a very vibrant city and even in better condition than I left it 12 years ago.  Nyhavn (New Harbor) is the hot spot in summer with outside cafes along the waterway.  The Little Mermaid is the #1 attraction (even though Rosenborg Castle is the most impressive) You may know the original Little Mermaid story of Hans Christian Anderson, but many know the artwork on the seaside rock.  The artist was contracted in 1912 to honor Anderson’s work with the Mermaid.  He requested the Prima Ballerina to pose for the prestigious life size bronze statute.  However, when she arrived for first session and found out that real mermaid’s do not shop for or wear clothes … she declined.  After some Monarchy intervention she posed for the head and the artist’s wife is the body.

On August 23, this year the city will celebrate the 104th anniversary with 104 bikini clad maidens posing in formation of 1 – 0 - 4. Very Artsy Scandinavian. 

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