Saturday, 04 March 2017 02:00

Island Personalities

Written by Captain Mike


Do islands remind of you of people or do people resemble the island?

Shangri-La World Travel Club or family and friends.  It can get personal.

Brother Tom is much like St. Martin. Fairly mass market with a little bit of 2-Country culture, Dutch/French.  Plenty of month long Floridians speaking the Northern Eastern language of Long Islandese .

Ultra cool Son, Ryan is very St. Barts.  Out doors with the best of sports toys, good looking crowd and attends beach parties that boom… boom until your dancing above the furniture. Very chic, but will wear you down.

Dominica is naturally sister Debbie.  You know, the real outdoorsy folks that make their own entertainment by tubing waterfalls, hiking, biking and trying anything to fill a day and without any cost.

St Lucia can absolutely make Cousin Paula's day or week. She is so complex that she may go for the massage under the tiki hut.  Next, a High end lunch and High tea. Afternoon.  But then, she will hang with the best rum and punchers on the beach for before sunset.  Hi or low, who knows, but she may take a nap and do it all over again.... tonight !

Cousin Todd is as laid back as Bequai in the Grenadines.  The island offers an upscale, yet rasti look and feel. Let me put it this way, a good Todd  day is spontaneously unplanned and will find its way to just that special moment in the sand.

Screenshot (99).png

Cousin Russell insists on top-shelf full service any time and place he wants it. Where can I find such an island for him.  Mayroux with SeaDream Yacht club.  Give him a private beach, a few moments that include a surfboard on the beach, baluga caviar and champagne flowing!

Follow that with Bar-B-Que and a hammock with room service …Russell.

Barbados is not just a single spirit . Rather, this island personality is complex.  It resembled many of our group exploring the Southern Caribbean.  Beauty at the beach and in the shops, but not of this era.  It brings you back to the 70's and 80's, when service was polite and attentive.  The Island is very much an island nation.  Big business for medical, financial and high-tech companies ...  we sped about on groomed highways and British round-abouts.  We tasted great foods in fine restaurants(here’s a plug for the Tides Restaurant) ... multicultural and upscale.  Barbados could be just about any single member of Shangri-la Travel Club.  Worldly, Fun-seeking and play great in the Sand Box.

Thanks ALL!