Monday, 14 November 2016 02:00

The First Ten Years

Written by Captain Mike

 Only last week, our travel agency Shangri-la World Travel, celebrated our 10th Anniversary in operation in Southlake.  A renowned world traveler, accomplished author and our good friend, Jack Cunningham, thoughtfully shared this poem with the other 75 Top Clients in attendance … Thanks Jack you’re a classy guy!


It's been 10 years for our friends the Currie's since they first put out their shingle
And lots of clients have seen the world, but today we're here to mingle.
We'll raise a glass and toast to them on this their special day,
And thank them for the work they do as they help us find our way.
We've seen the sun come up in places that we really never dreamed,
And watched the morning break as magic filled the earth it seemed.
And Southlake was so far away but when we get back home
We can't remember what it was like when we set out to roam.
So we talk to Mike and Gloria again and start anew our quest,
To see another delightful place before we come back to rest.
We've cruised and bused and flown and walked to vistas without end
Because there's that place we've never seen and it's just around the bend.
In China we visited the Temple of Heaven, in Grand Cayman we went to Hell,
We've cruised the Arctic Circle and to Easter Island as well.
Machu Picchu was amazing, Angkor Wat just blew our mind
I'm sure there's more interesting places, they're just so hard to find.
We snorkeled in the Red Sea and strolled on a black sand beach,
Because Shangri-La still puts the world completely within our reach.
So dream a dream and pick a place, a place you've never been,
And let the Currie's know that you've started their next ten.
Congrats to Mike, Gloria, Princess Leia & The entire crew. And like the Chevy people say, "Find New Roads."
-Jack Cunningham, 2016


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