Thursday, 12 January 2017 02:00

Travel Trends for 2017

Written by Captain Mike

While 2016 and our elections-preoccupations are behind us.  For certain, the international winds of change may flare, but we are not seeing any fall off in bookings or travel planning.  Certainly, destinations like France, Belgium and Turkey are showing lighter traffic going into the New Year.  (We see some softening in France’s hotels fares for off-peak periods).    Italy remains strong, along with Spain, Portugal and anywhere in the United Kingdom or Ireland.  Travel … is life!

Here is some great insight from the travel writer’s of the Huffington Post:

America’s Vacation Deficit Disorder: Workers are starting to comprehend the strong relationship between wellness and taking time off (AKA vacations); with enlightened employers leading the charge. Vacation shaming is so 2015. Wellness travel is growing 50% faster than regular travel, with travelers recognizing that recharging, refreshing and rejuvenating themselves regularly is part of a healthy work-life balance. Smart value-minded employers are investing in their employees time-off knowing that a happy, creative and fresh employee—is a motivated and profitable employee. Tuscany here we come!

So, with Europe seemingly sputtering … I say that there has been no better time to travel there in my adult life.  Here are my 3 best reasons why:

  1. Our dollar is really strong, really, all over the world, but especially Europe and the UK.  Today the Euro approaches par and the British pound is only $1.22 European’s are struggling to visit the USA at those rates. 
  2. Fears brought on by tragic events in France and Belgium are creating opportunity across twenty plus other countries across the continent. There is an over capacity of rooms in the major cities.
  3. The inevitable effects of Brexit and EU European community are only 2 years away! Now and not later is the time to enter Europe at ease … before economic or strained politics can effect our ability to travel freely. 

We all need some mental down-time from work and the winds of change yet to come.  Make a point to get out there and rejuvenate Southlake … this year.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA